Backstage Pass

The Art of Production

Our Backstage Pass: The Art of Production programs breathe life into creativity. From crafting props to mastering stage lighting and sound, we empower students with the skills that make the magic happen backstage. Explore the art of production and design, where every element contributes to an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Worthy Crafts

Worthy Crafts is a program designed for students of all ages who are fascinated by the art of creating props and costumes that bring stories to life on stage. Here’s a peek into what your child will experience:

  • Introduction to Prop-Making: Students learn the basics of prop-making, including materials, tools, and techniques used in theater production.
  • Costume Design: We delve into the exciting world of costume design, teaching students how to create outfits that reflect character personalities and eras.
  • Creative Expression: Through hands-on crafting, students unleash their creativity, designing props and costumes for various theatrical productions.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration is key as students work together on projects, learning the importance of coordination and communication in the creative process.
  • Real-Life Applications: The skills acquired in Worthy Crafts can extend beyond the stage, with students gaining insights into craftsmanship and design.
Designers’ Club

The Designers’ Club is perfect for students who want to explore the magic that happens behind the curtain. This program provides a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of theater production. Highlights include:

  • Stage Basics: Students gain insights into stage setup, including set design, layout, and coordination of props and actors.
  • Lighting Design: Learn the art of stage lighting, from creating ambiance to highlighting key moments in a performance.
  • Sound Design: Explore the world of soundscapes, audio effects, and sound operation to enhance the theatrical experience.
  • Technical Skills: Students acquire hands-on skills in stagecraft, including set construction, prop handling, and stage management.
  • Collaboration: In a collaborative environment, students work together to design and execute technical aspects of a theatrical production.
  • Production Experience: Gain valuable experience by participating in real productions and showcases, applying technical skills to live performances.

At Tamasha, we understand that theatre is not just about what happens on stage—it’s about the collective effort of artists and technicians working behind the scenes. Our Behind The Scenes programs offer a chance to explore the fascinating world of theatre production, from crafting props and costumes to designing lighting and soundscapes.