Tamasha by Deepika Rajani – Where Drama Changes Lives! We believe in the extraordinary power of drama to transform lives.

Tamasha by Deepika Rajani, a renowned performing arts school in Singapore, was founded from a mother’s heartfelt aspiration to empower children to fearlessly express themselves, free from the shackles of judgment, and today, Tamasha has blossomed into a vibrant Drama Enrichment school where creativity, inclusivity, and progress take center stage.

Founder Deepika Rajani reflects on her personal journey, stating, “My immersion in the world of drama and theatre commenced during my early years as I grappled with extreme shyness. It was a gradual transformation, but I eventually unearthed the courage and self-assuredness to articulate my thoughts before an audience. Theatre swiftly became an integral part of my life. However, my determination to introduce this art form to children intensified when I realized that my own child grappled with shyness, mirroring my past struggles. This realization propelled me to delve deeper into the realm of drama, equipping myself with the necessary skills to nurture the love for theatre in young hearts. With over two decades of experience as a scriptwriter, director, and theatre actor, combined with my certification as a trainer, I have been dedicatedly conducting workshops to empower children through the enchanting world of theatre.”

Tamasha by Deepika Rajani is the manifestation of this passion and commitment, a place where children discover their unique voices and unlock the transformative power of drama. Join us on this remarkable journey of self-expression, confidence, and artistic exploration.