Theatre Performance

Changing Lives, One Act at a Time

Our Theatre Performance Classes at Tamasha by Deepika Rajani are designed to unlock the magic of theatre for students of all ages. With a focus on creativity, self-expression, and confidence-building, our programs cater to different age groups, ensuring an enriching and age-appropriate learning experience. Here’s a glimpse of what your child can expect from our Theatre Performance Classes:

Tiny Thespians
5-8 Years Old

In our Tiny Thespians program, young budding actors take their first steps onto the stage. We provide a nurturing environment where they can explore their creativity, develop their imagination, and gain confidence through drama. Here’s what your child will experience:

  • Storytelling Adventures: Through interactive storytelling, children dive into exciting worlds and characters, sparking their imaginations.
  • Role-Playing: Kids get the chance to become their favorite characters, fostering creativity and self-expression.
  • Teamwork: Our drama activities encourage teamwork, helping children build social skills and make new friends.
  • Confidence Boost: Through fun and engaging drama exercises, children develop self-confidence and the ability to express themselves.
8-10 Years Old

In the Showstoppers program, older children embark on a more structured journey into the world of theatre. This program strikes a balance between fun and learning, allowing students to explore their acting potential. Key highlights include:

  • Acting Techniques: Students are introduced to fundamental acting techniques, helping them understand character development, emotions, and stage presence.
  • Script Exploration: We dive into scripts and scenes, encouraging students to bring characters to life and explore different acting styles.
  • Creativity Unleashed: Drama activities and improvisation exercises encourage creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Confidence Building: As students perform in front of their peers, they gain confidence and learn the art of effective communication.
10 Years and Above

Our Stage-Life program is designed for older students who are serious about pursuing their passion for theatre. This program provides a more in-depth exploration of acting techniques, script analysis, and stagecraft. Highlights include:

  • Advanced Acting Techniques: Students delve into advanced acting methods, character development, and the nuances of dramatic expression.
  • Script Analysis: We dissect scripts, helping students understand subtext, motivation, and the art of conveying emotions effectively.
  • Stagecraft: Students explore the technical aspects of theatre, including stage lighting, sound design, and set operation.
  • Performance Opportunities: Students participate in productions and showcases, allowing them to apply their skills in real performances.
  • Preparation for the Future: For those considering a career in the performing arts, this program provides valuable insights and practical training.

Join us at Tamasha and let your child’s dramatic journey begin! Our Theatre Performance Classes offer a safe, inclusive, and creative space for young actors to thrive. Enrol today and watch your child shine on stage!