Join Us in the World of Drama, Art, and Community Integration with Because #whynot!

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of meaningful drama, art, and community integration? Tamasha by Deepika Rajani proudly presents “Because #whynot,” a groundbreaking initiative supported by the National Integration Council.

What is Because #whynot?

This project is more than just art; it’s a transformative experience designed to bring diverse community members together through the magic of theater. Our mission is to break boundaries, ignite empathy, and foster unity. Through “Because #whynot,” we invite you to witness life from a fresh perspective.

Why “Because #whynot”?

“Because #whynot” challenges us to ask why we can’t unite in the name of art and empathy. It’s an opportunity for young artists to step into the shoes of others, to explore emotions and stories beyond their own. We believe in the power of art to promote social discourse, dialogue, and ultimately, social change.

What to Expect:

  • Multigenerational Magic: Get ready to witness the beauty of intergenerational bonding. Our scripts and plays explore themes of compassion, empathy, and coexistence. We’re collaborating with seniors in elder care facilities to create art that resonates.
  • Immersive Adventures: Dive into the world of immersive theater with our murder mystery experiences. Invite seniors, the community, or migrant workers to solve mysteries and showcase their talent on stage. This is not just about theater; it’s about strengthening community ties.
  • Honoring Migrant Workers: Our heartfelt script celebrates the dedication of migrant workers who build homes away from their own. Engage with them through workshops, short courses, and performances to gain insights into their lives and struggles.
  • Jack and Jill Reimagined: Join us in a reimagined classic, “Jack n Jill,” with a powerful message of coexistence and harmony with our community and nature.
  • Singapore’s Rich Culture: Participate in online quiz contests focusing on Singapore’s values and history. Win tickets to our shows and engage in workshops to dive into Singapore’s vibrant culture.
  • Connecting Communities: We’re reaching out to schools and community organizations to connect various parts of our society, making a difference one interaction at a time.
  • Elderly Empowerment: We’re collaborating with the Sikh Welfare Council to create a play with the elderly, for the elderly, and by the elderly.

“Because #whynot” is more than a project; it’s an invitation to be part of something bigger.

Join us in this exciting journey, experience the transformative power of theater, and become a catalyst for positive change in our community. Together, we can make a difference. Stay tuned for updates, events, and ways to get involved!